Sunday, March 25, 2012



Ginučių vandens malūnas (moulin à eau de Ginučiai, Ginučiai watermill)


Ladakalnis (fameuse colline au point de vue magistral, famous hill with a magnificent view)


Salos II (ancien village, old village)


Mįslė: kur yra šuo Bella? (Devinette: saurez-vous retrouver la chienne Bella dans ces photos?, Riddle: can you see Bella the dog in these pictures?)

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Ka galima pamatyti...?

Bebras (Beavers, Castors)

mūsų namas ! (our luxury hotel - notre palace !)

Saturday, March 17, 2012


The people of Lithuania respect the nature. They have a lot of celebrations associated with animals, plants and birds. March 10 is the day of celebration of 40 birds. In Lithuanian language it is 40-TIES PAUKŠČŲ DIENA.  Community of Palūšė invited us to celebrate together.

On Saturday at 11 00 a.m. we went to the lake shore.  The weather was not very good…Rain and fog…That did not stop local people. Adults and children were gathered on the shore. They were playing snowballs, riding on a horse-drawn carriage and sledding. The men stretched the tent, set up a table and chairs. Everyone could eat a sandwich and drink some strong men drink or hot tea.  Throughout the celebration a musician was playing national melodies with the accordion.

On the ice, the men were preparing traditional fresh-soup from carp. Unbelievable! In addition to other ingredients they added to the fresh-soup may be 500 grams of butter! And they were not afraid to spoil their body shape :) Fresh-soup was canceled! We liked it very much! All guests tasted the hot soup and went to install bird houses in the woods. It is believed that on 10 March 40 species of birds return  in the area from wintering, so people make birdhouses for help. We were very surprised when saw wind-surfing on ice. This is awesome! Especially the children watched the surfers with admiration. Sportsmen unloaded their equipment from cars on the ice and a long time they were getting ready to slip under sail. Unfortunately, they did not show beautiful surf, because there was no wind, but the children were delighted. They tried to surf on the ice and were laughing. :)

At the end of the celebration , they were competitions. The winners received delicious sweet prizes. We were not  involved, but our reward it was a great mood and a visit to this useful and fun celebration!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Our first day in Palūšė :D

Palūšė is a village in 10-minutes by foot from the National Park. We saw a wonderful natural places and a real Lithuanian fishing! Only a few fishermen and the companies have a permit for net fishing. Others wishing to have the fish go followed these fishermen with the hope that the catch will be great, and they will be able to buy fish from fishermen.

We also followed the fishermen. It is amazing! We wanted to taste the popular fish too. The fish is called -European korushka….maybe it is smelt in English! It smells like a fresh cucumber and people can cook this fish very easily. The magic fish! In order to catch them the fishermen come up with a whole complex system with long tree trunks - stretched under water, with pine branches, with a net and with a few holes in the ice. It's a pity that  we finally couldn't buy any fish. But we will try. If the fishermen will not sell to us at least a kilo of fish, we will come to them in nightmaresJ

After an unsuccessful fishing FOR US)), we went for a walk to the nearby village of Meironys. Very beautiful small village! The neat little houses of wood. Almost all the houses are without fences. This means that people trust each other. The village has beautiful traditional wooden sculptures. For example, this sculpture tells a story about St. George who killed the dragon and rescued the girl. In the Lithuanian language, such sculptures are called  “stogastulpiai”.

At the end of the day we met travelers from Canada – Fanny and Catherine. They are going to Tibet. We spent evening with them. It was very interesting!

New places, new people, new emotions, impressions…It is so good!  We had fantastic day! :D