Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Bike trip (& sorry for the delay!)

 I have a confession to make: I´m not a very athletic girl. That´s why when they ask me about participate the Bike trip organizated for the 40 th anniversary of the park, I had my doubts about it. When, latter on, I found out that it was more than forty km, I was already panicking. And when, the previous day, my mentor, Linas, was teaching me how to use the gears of my brand new (second hand) bike, I could see my future very clear:

So, on the morning of the Saturday 29th March, I had some košė (porridge, the breakfast of the Champions!) and depart to the starting point: Gianucis Wathermill. Once all the group arrive, the thirteen brave people get ready to start their epic journey ;-) We said “Iki!” To the beautifull Wathermill and start cycling.

Between the high pines, we pass betwteen hundreds of burial mounds. In this burial mounds, the people of the iron age get buried along with some tools and bellongings. There is a reconstruction interior of one at Paluse. Linas atract my attention this wonderfull cross, a meticulous carving work in wood.

 The day was bright and sunny and the jurney very pleasant and relaxing. After a while, we made our first stop in a gorgeous campsite next to a lake. Sitting on a bench, with some water in one hand and and piece of chocolate in the other, i was inform that we had made 10 km. Already? My secret plan was to abandon after that mark, so I was very surprise of the easy and relax that was until there. New plan: I´m going to to aaaall the way!

So, back on the road! Everything was sunshine and lolipops until...first hill! The most brave ones finish it proudly on their bikes, but I had to push it the last bit (go Spain!) But it was worthy because latter we could enjoy the view of this beautiful tuquese church. Linas explain us that it was build just with the money of the people of the village. I could observe the same working in the wooden pilars than in the previous cross, what a hard job!

The next sight was hidden from the unexpert eye. This very old tile tree, a grandmother with more than 300 years, might look dead with her empty trunk, but she is still alive and her children occupy all the surroundings.

Then we stop in a very special place. Our group suddenly became silent and start walking more carefully. It was a rebel cemetery, datting os 1863. Here were buried the lithuanians against the regime that try to hide in the forest.

Then we had lunch by the wathermill of Mincia (Minčios vandens malūnas) It was just lovely to eat with the sun warming my back and with the soundtrack of the river. It's not easy to move when you are full and in such a nice spot, but we still had half of the way to complete.
We stop to admire the very old Suminu Pusis, a pine tree situated in Suminai village. Like in Finding Waldo, someone discover a Stork living on the top.

 In this old village was film the old movie (1972) of Tadą Blindą , known as the lithuanian Robin Hood. This hero fight against the Polish landlords and the Russian Empire that governed Lithuania on the s.XX.

After riding for a short time in a lonely asfalt road, we arrive to Trainiškis were we rest for a while in front of this old tree.

Then the big question: do you want to go by the forest of by asfalt road? Just 5km left, so we finally decided to go by the forest. 5 min. Later, I was regretting my decision because it was very hilly...but, it was good to “suffer” fro a while, for our triunphal to Guianuciai!! The timing was perfect, as the coordinator of the trip, Mindaugas Cibiras, had plan and we arrive all more or less at the same time. 

I just want to say thanks for the company and enthusiasm to all the participants. It was an amazing experience!