Monday, June 30, 2014

The holliday camp

 I used to work with kids teaching them outdoors activities, art and craft and also couching trouble children. I love spending time with them, maybe because, at my 23 years, I'm still a kid.

That´s why I had a great time in the summer camp organize in Reskutenai. We were spending there two nights with 14 children of different ages. The place where we spend the night was spooky: an old priest house full with crucifixes and photos of Benedic XVI. But maybe because of that was more fun to sleep there!

I really conect with the kids. They were in love with the hot potato game, so we play a lot and it was a lot of fun. I also draw a kid a tatto of a skull and it look nice, so he was very proud of it. One evening I made a fire and we roast marshmallows and sausages there. Later we dance and sing tradicional songs.

Other day, a few villagers came to give us a show with dated instruments and talk about the life in the old days.

The last day we went to Reskutenai museum, where there are a Nalš ia Ethnographic Museum Reskutenai Branch, where you can find a lot of different objets; from a metheorite to old soldiers uniforms.

I spend a brilliant couple of days with the kids. Thanks guys!


Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Boat trip

 Last week, we went on a boat trip organize for the winners of a poster contest on the park. This very creative girls who keep us company were Eglė, Livija, Monika, Ieva and Erika. Congratulations!

 We part from the rental boat bussiness at Paluse. The plan was to arrive to Gianučiai campsite, spend there the night there and come back the next day. For that we needed to pass first the lake Lušiai , then go across the channel which conects it with the lake Asalnai, then Asalnykštis and finally Linkmenas.

 We divided in three boats, I went with my mentor, Linas, and his son, Martynas. It was my first time in a real boat trip (I just have beenin the ones on the lakes of city parks!) so i was quite clumpsy at the beggining. But when I stop thinking about it, I start to get the rythm of the rowing and actually enjoying it. It was nice to see Meironys village, with it´s trail with wooden sculptures from the lake . Also we could spot a lot of birds: swams, ducks, goosander, etc. It's a beautifull spectacle seem them with their babies.

 We stop at Puziniškis for some snack/rest.We also visit Puziniškis Oak, a tree of 400 years old. The leggend says that a big treasure it´s buried under it. And when we were contemplating the magestuosic start to rain cats and dogs!! We wait for a while, but as it didn´t seem to stop, we had to go back on the boats. When we were arriving to the campsite it stop raining (I know, perfect timing!) but by then I was an human drop.

 So, as we were already wet, we decided to go for a swim on the lake. It was very fun: the water was warm and when we went out the fire and an amazing vegetarian curry were already waiting for us. 

 After dinner, we were playing some games like hot potato and bulldogs. Then, they surprise us (or at least me) with a mini excursion to Gianuč iu piliakalnis and Ladakanis. It was beautifull to walk at night, without any sounds beside the crickets and the birds.

 When we arrive to the campsite, we went straight to bed and I felt sleep after 5 seconds. Next morning, when Calum and me wake up, the rest of the team had already pack the tents. After fithting with ours for half an hour, we decided to carry it outside the bag :-P (Mini-point for the foreigeners!). We were a little bit scared about the weather, because the forthcast for that day was awfull, but at the end was a beautifull journey. We even could stop at Puziniš ko piliakalnis, to visit it and pick some strawberrys and blueberrys (the first that I eat in Lithuania!) In three hours, we were already back in Paluse. And when we arrive to the visitors center, it start to rain really hard . This time yes, perfect timing!!

 By the way, sorry for the quality of the photos, but they are from Calum´s phone...Thanks to the bastard person who took my camera!