Wednesday, October 25, 2017

outdoor time!

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of a special outdoor time. 
German students visited our national park during their excursion through Lithuania. They started planning in spring and luckily a Lithuanian phd student recommended a stop in Aukštaitija. They were looking for a German guide and there I was.
As the weather isn’t really nice this year our options were limited. Nevertheless I planned an entertaining and educating program.
On our first day we took a hike from Palūšė (wooden church, burial mounds) to the botanical path. Even though it was raining most of the time the group stand the trip very well.
Second and last day was time for the big tour through the national park with all the popular sights. We started on the sculpture path and walked to Meironys to see a typical street village. After that the bus took us to the Trainiškis oak, Ginučiai water mill (where our lovely colleague Rimute took over), Ginučiai castle mound, Ladakalnis and of course the sculpture of the working man (let the bell ring!).

Lovely days with lovely people!

Thanks HS Weihenstephan!

P. Eyerkaufer - the oak

P. Eyerkaufer - in the mill

most of us managed to walk down safely ;)

P. Eyerkaufer - castle mound

P. Eyerkaufer - the group

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Folk costumes presentation in the school

2017 is the year of national costume in Lithuania. Nation-wide there are a lot of folk events and concerts. We had the opportunity to represent our traditional costumes - German and Hungarian as well. In the school of Ignalina we showed students of 7th grade our this part of our culture. After an introduction and a movie about Lithuanian costumes and our presentation we added an active part for the students. They could colour some patterns or make bookmarks. Maybe we do this next week.