Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Those days of summer

 Yes, There are still alive volunteers in Aukstiatija. No excuses possible... but the summer was too good to expend it in front of a computer. How it´s possible that is already october?
 Like in the film Grease (because is such a realistic movie) summer ends at some point and you need to wake up and deal with it. So summer for me is over just now, weeks after the oficial start of the autom. The cold weather is arriving again to Lithuania, and, with all the pitty of my heart I have to face that it´s not longer time to swim and do kayaking in the lakes (well, maybe if you are brave enought..)
Let's sum up...Summer in Lithuania started with the celebration of Saint Johns (Jonines) on the 21th of June. If someone is here in that date I totally recomend to go to to Kernarvè. It seems like the perfect place to be in this magic night. Kernarvè is an old forthill are the places where it´s belive that was celebrated the coronation of king Mindaugas, one of the most important persons in the history of Lithiuania because was the one who unificated all the tribes. There are a lot of different rituals for this night. Some of them I cal relate with my country, like jumping the fire, but others are totally new and fastinating for me, like making flower crowns or crossing the “gate from the real world to the spiritual one” All this spiced with traditonal dances, songs, etc.

A lot of concerts use to be organize in Lithuania during the summer, every weekend there are a couple of festivals to assist. I really enjoy the Galapagai festival, in Zarasai, where I get to know a lot of lithuanian bands, some unknown and others famous. I´m always willing to know new music, so this was a great way.

 And I also made some nice trips, inside the country but also in Poland, Germany and Latvia. It's great to see the difference between people of this countrys and meet other travellers. I like everyplace that I visit: Poland old towns and fastinating history; Berlin events and graffitti and Latvia nature and sweets. It´s still in my agenda to visit Estonia, but I will go with a friend when I finish here, so I'm very exited about it!

  In addition, I also some visitors  and I always find very interesting their impressions. No one had a very clear idea of what to expect from this country, so they are always surprise. Negative impresions like the lack of smiles on the people and positive ones like the nature and the homemade products. One of them best wast my family. My parents, sister and aunt come for one week visit and I had the chance to show them around. We laught, talk-talk-talk, travel, have car problems, argue...I wouldn't change it for anything! 

I left the best for the end: aukstiatija at summer. I honestly enjoy each one of the seasons here, but in the summer I had the chance to spend all day long outside and it was just perfect. What would be better that going to swim in the lake next to the offfice in the lunch break? I fell so lucky in those ocasions. What else? Kayaking, biking, discovering new spots in the park, meeting very interesting visitors, etc. And those very long days of lithuanian summer where it seems that you have time for everithing...

But after my elegy to the summer, I have to confess that this autom with yellow and orange colours, mushrooms in the forest and sunny days are starting to grow on me.