Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Language Day!

On the 29th of September it was the celebration of European Day of Languages in Ignalina's middle school, so we went there to present our countries and languages.

We did a presentation to all the 8th form classes and I was able to teach some Portuguese words to the students.

They also did some presentations, they sang some songs in different languages and even the teachers participated in some of the singing acts!

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Lovely September!

 For me Autumn is  the most favorite time of a year. To my surprise, in Lithuania in September are very warm and nice. Since the summer, we did not have time to swim  with  canoe, and  at last we did it in autumn. Our mentor has organized a tour by canoe with a workers  of  a park. For me it was the first time and it was really delightful. The weather was also nice and warm.
In 22 of September  was  opening of the tower  in  Labanoras Regional Park. And we're all invited. From the tower opened wonderful views of the lake and forest. Also on the same day we visited to Information center of  Labanoras Regional Park, which was very interesting and entertaining.
A month later we were finishing our program and I'm going to miss these places a long time.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Volunteers Meeting

In the beginnings of September we had a volunteers meeting in Gražutės Regional Park organized by our coordinating organization.

Apart from the activities related with our EVS projects, we had the chance to participate in a forest cleaning action together with kids from Visaginas school. 

Later that day we ate a tradicional meal and played some team games: EVS volunteers vs. Visaginas school kids!

Photos by Simina S.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Mid Term Training :)

Last week was my mid term training in Moletai region. It was wonderful week with other volunteers. And our trainers was really nice. First day after training we organised intercultural evening where i decided to make barbecue with another armenian volunteer. The second day again after training our trainers brought us to observatory. And the guide explained us everything about a galactics and about cosmos. We really enjoyed it. Third day we went to the hiking and the worst thing was the hot weather :) And finally the last day we evaluated all things about our future and about youth pass.