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Blagovesta is the girl who shakes her head for “yes” and nods it for “no”, confusing everybody around her. But she doesn’t do that on purpose: that’s just what Bulgarians do! She has always wanted to live by the seaside, but somehow she landed in snowy Lithuania. She's really into nature, but neither her education (economics and human resources) nor her job (public administration) are related to it. So she decided to take up the challenge to live in a new country and she hopes that this will show her the way to find what she’s really looking for. In ordinary life she has a cat or, more probably, the cat has her; she reads a lot, listens to music, jumps with bungee, etc. and she won’t take up anymore of your time about herself, but she invites you to explore together the beauty of Lithuanian nature and culture.

Daniele is a 26 years old Italian boy from Amalfi, a beautiful small town on the coast. He's been always living there, but always willing to leave to travel and discover new places. He loves listening to any kind of music, but especially electronic, and he likes to play as a DJ too, using his nickname Aise. He's talented at IT, so he studied in that field and is still studying Web Development on his own, but he's interests are quite different as he loves nature, martial arts (he's a I kyu aikidoka), sports, traveling and being outdoors, and that's why his dream is to travel around the world by bike as much as possible. He had a two weeks journey around Italy already, but now he brought his bike in Lithuania and he's ready to explore its countryside as much as possible!

Fantadrago is a 3 years old fictional character. It was born in Italy by Daniele's group of friends, which made it out of pieces found anywhere. After being the mascot of the fellowship for a while, it became particulary bound to Daniele and follows him in most of his travels.
Although it's not an official EVS participant, it can help with the project by spreading pictures and experiences to its several Facebook fans!

2012 volunteers

Vincent is a 22 years old boy coming from low mountains called "Vosges" in north-estearn France. He's fond of culture and art and studied graphic design, illustration and video art, but he's very keen on nature too, and very concerned by environment protection. When he graduated, since he wanted to travel abroad and since he's not afraid of ice-cold rain and wind, he decided to apply to this WONDERFUL EVS project in the beautiful National Park of Aukštaitija! There he's been able to link his two passions for nature and culture: he carried out passionating projects of illustration, graphic design, photography... while learning a lot about the environment survey and protection issues. Moreover, the Lithuanian culture is one of the most poetic and genuine he ever discovered, it was really lovely for him!


2011 volunteers

Florence is a 22 year-old french woman, raised among apples and cows in Jacques Chirac's region, Correze. Her childhood dream was to work with monkeys, but when she turned 18, she discovered... ducks! As a first working experience, during her agriculture studies, she worked in a duck farm for a month. The year after, she got into another symbol of the region, studying the ecosystem of a species of mushroom, the famous and delicious cep! But as mushrooms go along pretty well with beer, she flew straight to the lemurian country... Madagascar. Definitely not a well-known place for beer-making, but still, she worked for a brewery for five months over there.
After such a strong experience, her french come-back was pretty hard. She still managed to get back on her feet, so to speak, and worked with kids as an environmental guide for a nature and sport association in her native area.

Edouard is a 29-year-old french man, born and raised in Chambery, in the beautiful Alps. After seven years of history and journalism studies, he decided he had had enough of it, and in september 2007, he left his country for a two-year trip in New Zealand. He was looking for new experiences, and got into organic gardening through Wwoofing (Willing Workers Organisation on Organic Farms), hiking, and travelling on his own. This long period of time overseas definitely transformed him.
After he came back, in March 2010, he went cycling around France for six months, discovering the beauty of his native place. Then, he volunteered for three different missions in the South of France, healing, feeding and releasing injured birds and small mammals; welcoming the public in the beautiful bird reserve of the ancient saltworks in Hyeres; and taking care of tortoises in the tortoise village of Gonfaron, visited by tens of thousands of people each year.


  1. this August I was bicycling with my children through Aukstaitijos Nacionalinis parkas and visited famous Ladakalnis, goddess Lada sacred place. We found an oak tree on top of Ladakalnis with a pile of stones right on it's roots. That is certainly very unhealthy for the this tree, so we moved them on a side and would like to come soon with a group of Romuviai from Kaunas to build aukuras on the Northern side of Ladakalnis oak.

  2. I think you should first discuss this with the employees of the park - there are ecologists who work there and they for sure know what is good and what not for the nature, so I suggest before taking any further actions, first have a consultation with them. As far as I know these stones stand there for a myth and the employees of the park know about them.