Tuesday, May 20, 2014


  Keeping with my good rhythm of blog post, I write about our canoeing trip almost a month later ;)

 The 26 of April there are in different parts of Lithiuania a lot of activities about picking garbage . People go to the natural parks with bags, clean the area a little and have a nice day in the outside. I think it´s a bright idea that shows how much lituanians apreciate their land. I would love to export it to Spain!

 In Ignalina district the local action group organize a kayak trip with the porpouse of cleaning the river Kiauna. It started in Pakyaunys and finish at Kukliai.

  The day couldn´t be better: sunny and bright, without a cloud in the sky. And here it is a our cleaning team, small but very powerfull! (thanks girls for the photos!)

 We divided in couples fro the kayaks and, even if he tried to avoid it, Calum had the bad luck of ending with me, sorry mate! We decided to start with a certain organization: one team cheeking the right side, other the left and the third making sure it was alright. But after a while, the river was so beautifull that we forgot about it and just relax and enjoy the view (or it was just me?? )

We spot some animals, like swams, ducks and a very relaxed grass-snake, taking a sun bath in the shore. I don´t know if you hear about the lithuanian leggend about Eagle and the grass-snake, but if you didn´t here it is Ms. Wikipedia to help: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Egl%C4%97_the_Queen_of_Serpents

There was a lot of threes in the midle of the river, so we had to avoid them.Calum and me were complaining about the person who cut them in such a stupid way...and ten minutes latter: ahhh, beavers! (yes, we are kind of slow)

 One of this trees cuted by mean bevers was cuting the pass. Intersting to see the differents ways of acting of our group . Some decided to go down and carry the kayak. We decided to pass the kayak under the tree and surpinsingly it work!!

A nice moment of cooperation was when we had a little bridge on the way. Algirdas and me went down the kayak and keep it up, so the rest could pass down. Garei dirba!

But the best moment for me was the furius fight for a can that was floating in the midle of the river. All the three kayaks run in to it like if it was made of gold. When we reached it, I expected music and fireworks: I felt like if I had the most important thing of the world between my hands!

  When we arrive to the meeting point, we were proud of ourselfs for our seven bags full of garbage (even if it sounds strange when you read it outloud!)

 Then it was time to rest and enjoy the day...

Monday, May 5, 2014

All together now: PA-LAN-GA!!

 This is the story of our holidays-schoolar trip (excursia) to the seaside. Astra, our lithuanian teacher, invite me and Calum to joy her in this trip. After a month, I already miss my atlantic sea, so I say yes without thinking it twice.

So, right after my arrival training, I meet my travel buddies at the stotis and we took the train until Šiauliai. Our first stop, still far away from the see, was this quiet and lovely city. I really enjoy walking by the streets full of sculptures and green spots.

 Of course, we also went to the famous hill of croses. The day was dark and cloudy, and this even make the visit more impresive. Walking between the croses, like in the midle of a labyrinth, creats a feeling that I will not forget. Sorry I didn´t took photos, I didn't even think about it. Our three little (handmade) crosses are resting there, if you dare to find them.

 When we arrive to Palanga, right after going down the bus we already could feel the brize of the see. One hour later we were already on the beach, staring at that amazing Baltic sea while the sun was setting.

 Next day we were all day long walking by the beach: searching for amber, drawing in the wet sand and just enjoying the view.  

After a quiet dinner we went to sleep early, because next day we had to get up early to go to very special place. We took the bus to Klaipėda and a ferry to Smiltynė.:we were arrive to the Curonian spit (Kuršių nerija) The legend tells that this sand spit was form by a gently gigantess call Neringa, in order to protect the village from a sea monster wich was tormenting them.

 After a lovely picnic on the beach, we took the bus to Joudkrantė. I really like this village, we walk by the lagoon shore, were there are a lot of sculptures from international artist, and tradicional protected houses. Latter on, we visit the hill of wiches, a path full of both beutifull and scary wooden sculptures. 100% recomendable!

 We spend the night in a lovely rental house, full of nice details like this:

Promise, I´m not paid for doing advertisement, but I totally felt in love with the place!

Next day we pack our things and take the bus to Nida, trying to pay attention because there is a part
where you can see the see and the lagoon at the same time. Once in Nida we went up till the sun clock on the top of the dune. Great views up there! In Nida, we also visited the amber gallery, where we learn about the diferent types of amber and how to check if it is authentic, and the cementery, with the tradicional tombstones. Then we went back to Klaipėda and latter Palanga.

Back in Palanga we visited ANTANAS MONČYS HOUSE-MUSEUM and I felt in love with his sculptures and masks. We also went to the Amber Museum and the nice gardens around it.

 And it arrive the sad time to say goodbye to the sea...But before taking the train to cross all lithuania, we stop by Kretinga at the amazing winter gardens. It was the perfect ending of our mini holidays.

 And before saying goodbye, it´s time to thanks (yes, this is like the Oscars):

Labai ačiū, Adutė, už lietuvių kalbos pamokas!

  Labai ačiū, Živilė, už skanią žolelių arbatą!

 Labai ačiū, Astra, už šią kelionę or už šias atostogas!

And in case I forguet to tell you...spring has arrive to the park!