Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Let's meet at the seaside!

Unbelievable but true: lithuanian summer finally arrived! 
So what are you supposed to do? Right, enjoy a weekend with your EVS friends in Klaipeda.
How? Our coordinating organisation Deineta organised a meeting in Pajurio Regional Park.

As we are living quite far away we already arrived on friday. Lucky us spend an extra night in Klaipeda! Discover the nightlife and meet friends!

On saturday it was time for a EVS family reunion. We were invited to the visitors center in Karklė. We had the chance to talk about our experiences, projects and expectations. Nerijus and Leonas checked on us; if we get approppriate tasks or we are making progress in our learning process and of course if we feel usefull and well. 
So a bit of reflecting and also inspiration for future projects.

After these few hours it was time to seize the day and go to the beach. Couldn't have been any better. Sun was shining, water was warm more or less and a light summer breeze.

Of course there has to be another night in the city! Enjoying some music and one or two drinks.

And in case you were wondering: we went also to curonian spit and got some amber!

All what's left to say is: Thanks guys for this awesome weekend! Hope to meet you again soon!

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